A B C Book

A B C Book

By: C. B. Falls
Published by: Doubleday, Page & Company
Publication Date: 1923

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Three-year old says: "My big book-k-k!" and points out—Bear—Cat—Duck—Red—Blue—with chubby finger.

Six-year old says: "That's the fox in 'The Fox and the Grapes'—There's the old bear in 'Snow White and Rose Red'—That's the elephant we saw at the Circus."

Ten-year-old says: "I think I Can copy those pictures," and proceeds to do it.

Fifteen-year-old says: "Some designs!" and takes the book to the drawing class.

Father and Mother say: "All the children like it, big and little. Aren't you glad we found it?"

Joseph Pennell, the distinguished artist, calls Charles Falls "the finest color printer in America," and in The Bookman Anne Carroll Moore writes: "We may well feel proud that an A B C book so admirable in design and in color printing has been produced on this side of the Atlantic. Mr. Falls designed the book for his little three-year-old daughter who likes a big book with lots of pictures. The drawings are cut on wood blocks and printed from four-color plates, and the artist has personally superintended the reproduction of them. The imagination of a child or grown up is left free to capture by its own thrill of recognition the familiar in a new-old medium where color has not obscured the outline nor played too many tricks with nature.

"A selection from these drawings would form an admirable decorative frieze for a children's play room, a library bulletin board, or any school room where the alphabet is not taboo. The fact that it was designed for a living child for whose mentality the artist had such evident respect stamps it first of all as a children's book which bids fair to exert a very considerable influence on American picture books."

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A B C Book Reprint

A B C Book
Reprinted in 2015 by Dover Publications
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