Sherry Diane Early

Sherry Diane Early

1957 -
Sherry Early is the author and instigator of Semicolon, a blog about kids and books and homeschooling and communities and sometimes movies and politics and fun links and whatever else she wants to write about on any particular day.

She is also a 61 year old homeschooling mom of eight children. Seven of the children are no longer children and have graduated from her homeschool. Her youngest is a senior and will graduate in May 2019.

Sherry is the author of a self-published book called Picture Book Preschool. She also provides a lending library of more than 10,000 volumes of living books for homeschoolers and others in the southeast part of Houston, Texas. The library is housed in her home, and yes, bookshelves full of books are her preferred home decor.

She likes to read. She reads whatever comes her way, including, but not limited to, adult fiction, mysteries, historical fiction, nonfiction history and biography, Christian inspirational fiction, young adult fiction, fantasy and science fiction, children’s fiction and nonfiction, memoirs, cereal boxes, other people’s blogs, magazines, brochures, and picture books. When she's desperate she reads the notes on the bulletin board and the advertising signs on the wall of whatever establishment she's stuck inside without reading material.

CoverTitleAuthorPublication date
Picture Book Preschool Picture Book Preschool Sherry Diane Early 1999