Richard Halliburton

1900 - 1939

The name of Richard Halliburton is synonymous with youthful adventure. During his less than two score years he packed away more tempestuous and thrilling experience than a dozen other adventurers might in twice as long. He was an originator, a trail-blazer whom countless young people have followed and are following. He epitomized their impulses and their dreams—the desire to see the world, the search for the burning moment, for the far horizon, for the unconventional life.

His name is already legend. What lies behind the legend? With all the wild intensity of his living, Richard Halliburton has also a quiet, studious side. He was refined, cultivated, fastidious. He loved good literature, history, poetry, music. Geography was a passion. He had a rare ability to assimilate knowledge. Above all, his intelligent imagination enabled him to live in any period his fancy chose. He craved to see the marvels of nature and of man, and when he saw them he invested them with a new magic of romance.

These things may be guessed from his previously published books. They become definitely articulate in this book. And, much more, the inner man is revealed here for the first time. Though he spoke repeatedly to vast audiences in every large city of America and in thousands of the smaller towns, though his books sell by the hundreds of thousands and have been translated into fourteen languages, though he counted a host of friends and acquaintances all over the world, he disclosed little of his true self. His great success seemed indeed the glorification of self-expression, but much was never expressed in lecture or the printed page. There he was always the great entertainer, the impersonator. What lay back of the gay and charming exterior?

The uneven tenor of his life was a deliberate thing.

He set for himself an achievement and would never relax from its demands. From college days he had a chosen occupation which he treated with the utmost seriousness; he had a philosophy of life to which he gave unremitting devotion.

From the dust jacket of Richard Halliburton: His Story of His Life's Adventure

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