Kenard Pak

Kenard Pak is the author and illustrator of Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn. As a visual-development artist, he's worked with DreamWorks and Disney. Mr. Pak has illustrated many books for children, including Have You Heard the Nesting Bird? By Rita Gray and The Dinner That Cooked Itself by J.C. Hsyu. He lives in San Francisco with his wife and their three cats.

From the dust jacket of Goodbye Autumn, Hello Winter
In the Author's Own Words

My workspace is very modest. Itís a back corner next to a window. Here I work long hours, morning to night, with the many random thoughts and anxieties that goes through any artistís mind. What I have learned is that whatever situation Iím in, I have this physical remainder, my workspace and all the stuff in it, to remind me of the nice things I may have done. There are old brushes and pencil nubs, bits of paper and dried paint, the worn corners of my drawing desk, and the scratches on a monitor. They are all there to tell me that Iím doing alright.

~from An Interview with Kenard Pak at Art of the Picture Book