Erin Ulrich
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Erin Ulrich

Phillip and Erin Ulrich live in South Carolina with their two daughters. They enjoy adventures in the wild, as long as they can be home in time for dinner. Being Australian, Phil probably has natural-born abilities to hunt and wrestle dangerous creatures. He has used these natural abilities to finish in the top four in family balloon volleyball. An avid reader at heart, Erin loves to sit with a warm cup of coffee on a comfy chair and wishes these amenities were easier to find in the wild. Together, they run their website and book design company.

Phil and Erin are currently at work on the continuing adventures of Growly.

From the book Begin
The Growly Books published by Here We Go Productions, LLC
CoverTitleAuthorPublication date
Begin Begin Philip Ulrich, Erin Ulrich 2013
Haven Haven Philip Ulrich, Erin Ulrich 2016
Morning Morning Philip Ulrich, Erin Ulrich 2014
Widewater Widewater Philip Ulrich, Erin Ulrich 2013