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Books are powerful. The best books have the power to...

Inform the Mind

Foster a love of learning by providing your family with books that expand knowledge, pique curiosity and promote a sense of wonder. Introduce your children to the great thinkers of both the past and present, then witness them making new connections, thinking deeply and evaluating ideas.

Impress the Heart

Create a home where the heart can flourish by presenting your family with books that spark the imagination, stir the emotions, and inspire the heart. Invite the master storytellers and great illustrators to be participants in your home as the stories they share leave indelible impressions upon the heart which will last a lifetime.

Illuminate the Soul

Experience the gifts of knowledge, insight, understanding, and empathy as you encounter goodness, truth and beauty in stories that reflect the reality of our broken world along with the redemptive power and love of God.

“A library is not a luxury but one of the necessities of life.”—Harriet Beecher Stowe

What if you could easily find and access the best books for your kids?

What if you could find numerous titles at the appropriate reading level for the time period you're studying?

What if you didn't have to pre-read every book?

What if you could keep five steps ahead of your voracious readers?

What if you could lay out a tempting buffet for your late bloomer?

Advanced Beginner Early Modern History Biographies
Advanced Beginner
Early Modern History

↓ Reshelving Alexandria Can Help

Gain the peace of mind that comes from a well curated home library

Reshelving Alexandria helps your family experience the lasting impact that comes from reading and loving great books.


Find the books your family needs.

Search by genre, reading level, time period, location and more.

Locate where to purchase, view for free, or borrow from a library.


Track the books and information that is important to you.

Easily track which books in the database you own, wish to own and have read.

Notate important info for each book such as format, dust jacket, condition, price paid and replacement value.


Organize your home library and other books available to you.

Create customized book/reading lists from our database.

Print out our curated book lists, as well as, your own customized lists.

“When I have a house of my own, I shall be miserable if I have not an excellent library.”—Pride & Prejudice

Benefits of Membership

Information you need

You'll be able to read full descriptions of the books, content considerations, reprint information, author bios, reviews, and more.

Advanced Search

Search across our entire database of books by author, illustrator, topic, reading level, time period, location, and more!

Exclusive and Early Access

You'll be the first to see new books and series as they become available on the site and you'll have exclusive access to members-only books and series lists.


You can add any book in our database to your wish list or you can mark a book as one that you own or have read. You can also create custom lists of books in our database.

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Have questions?

You can find answers to frequently asked questions here. If you have any further questions please contact us using our contact form. We'd love to hear from you!

What will happen after registration closes on Aug 31, 2019?

Official Membership will open March 1, 2020, and the rate at that time will reflect our current standard pricing of $9.95 per month with a yearly rate of $99.95 available.

Why are you closing and opening registration?

We have a few reasons for staggering membership in this way! Here's what's behind the plan:

1. We want to offer a special rate to any and all members who have been with us since the idea of a website was just a dream! This special offer will only be made to our newsletter subscribers, members of the Reshelving Alexandria Facebook group, and our Instagram followers—no outside advertising will be done.

2. We want to offer people who are excited about this project a "ground-level, get in while it's still in development" rate and opportunity. For those of you who join, it is imperative that you understand that the site is still truly in the beginning stages of development and does not yet have the amount of content that we have in mind. We plan on aggressively adding content over the next 18 months, and will be continuing to do so for years to come. We are looking for people who are ready and willing to dig-in and offer feedback as we continue to improve the functionality of the site and who are willing to be patient as we continue to build this resource to be a significantly large database of high quality books. The introductory price reflects our desire to give those members a great rate in exchange for being willing to journey with us as we grow.

3. We are women with many responsibilities—and time is currently our most precious resource and asset. By staggering membership, we will have the ability to manage the growth of both members, as well as the site to the best of our ability.

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes! You can receive a full refund within the first 30 days after you sign up if you are unsatisfied with Membership for any reason. After 30 days, you will no longer be eligible for a full refund, but you can cancel your monthly or yearly subscription at any time. If you cancel, you may use your subscription until the end of your then-current subscription term. You may contact us with any refund requests and inquiries.

You stated that you aren't marketing membership outside of the Reshelving Alexandria Facebook group, Instagram, and newsletter subscribers. Can I share this with a friend?

Absolutely. We know that there may be many people who would benefit from this resource, and you are absolutely free to share with them. We opened membership at this time to allow members of our group an opportunity to join and start trying out the service, but our main focus is still on site and content development—which is one of the reasons we are not personally marketing elsewhere.

Will there continue to be content available for free on the website?

Yes. Providing education on great books and living authors is a large part of our mission. To that end, we will continue to add books and articles on the website that will remain free to the public.

What kind of search criteria can I use to search for books as a member?

We have provided for the ability to search for books using a number of criteria including: location, genre, reading level, time period, decades, authors, illustrators, series, format (audible, kindle, free online), reprints, content considerations, unicorns and more! Our advanced search allows for you to search with multiple criteria at once, for example, you could search for a book in Early Modern History, set in New York state, for an advanced reading level, that is historical fiction and features a large family.

What kind of customization is available?

You can create wish-lists and custom reading lists that can be printed out. For example, you could create a list for "Johnny Age 8 Science Reading", or you could create a list to track each of your children's reading. Additionally, you can mark books that you own and have read.

Is this similar to LibraryThing or another comparable service? Will I be able to add my own books to the database if they are not on the website?

If a book is on our site, then you will have the option to add it to your "own list". If a book is not on our site, then you will not be able to add it to your "own list". Here is one advantage: adding books to a list on our site is simple and easy compared to other services (especially for vintage books). Once you add them to your "own list" the list can easily be exported to a cataloging service such as LibraryThing or Goodreads. The real power behind Reshelving Alexandria membership is the depth of data provided for each book and the advanced search and browsing capabilities. It's a place you can find books that meet specific criteria and a way for you to get a better handle on the books that you do own.

What kind of information is available on the books?

We provide descriptions, content considerations, example pages, reviews, numerous tags, reprints, public library search, used book search, internet archive link, kindle link, audible link and more on each book. We also have pictures and full bios available for authors and illustrators, with lists of their works included.

If I own a book, what kind of info can I track on it?

You can note format (hardcover, paperback, library bind etc), dust jacket, condition, price paid, replacement value, location (which bookcase or box) and more!

Do you have any additional support for members?

Yes. We have created a Facebook group specifically for website members where we can answer questions, receive feedback, and where members can share tips on how they are utilizing the site.

Are newly published books and living authors included on the site?

Yes. We want to share the cream of the crop of living authors and current books. Supporting them in their work is a joy and we will continue to add many more in the upcoming months!

If I join membership, and had to cancel my membership for some reason, would my info be deleted? What would happen when I reactivate my account?

If you leave membership we will save your data for 1 year. If you have extenuating circumstances and let us know in advance we can also work with you to keep your data longer than that.

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