Reshelving Alexandria Icon Key

Here's a key to what each of the icons used on Reshelving Alexandria mean.

Content Considerations

There is content in this book that some parents may want to be aware of. Sometimes this may mean a book isn't appropriate for some families or for some children. Some parents may want to preview some of these books or discuss them with their children. The book page will include the details of the content considerations that we have noted. Please note that we have not read every book that is included on the site so the absence of content considerations on a book does not mean that there is nothing to be aware of.

Read by Ambre, Sarah, and/or Tanya

Ambre, Sarah, and/or Tanya have read this particular book. You will see our picture and possibly a review from us on the book page. This is significant for a few reasons: first, we want you to know that we have and are reading the books we place on the website, and second, you can be assured that books that were read by one of us will absolutely have content considerations applied if necessary.


This book is rare and may be worth picking up if you find it at a library sale/thrift store. See our Unicorns page for further info on how we make the unicorn qualification.

Exclusively for Members

This icon indicates that the content is for members only and is not available for public viewing on the website.

Author's Complete Authored Works

This icon will be shown on an author's page when their complete authored works have been listed on the page. Important note: this is for authored works only—if an author was an illustrator also, all of the illustrated works may not be listed.

Series in Development

This icon indicates that a series has been released to members only and is not available to the public, but is also in development which may mean that the list is incomplete and that other data may be missing including pictures, description and tags. Once a list is finished, it may be made available for public view or it may stay as a members only exclusive list.

Wish List

This is a book that you have added to your Wish list.

Books You've Purchased

This is a book that you have added to your Books You've Purchased.

Book You Own

This is a book that you have added to your Books You Own list.

Book You've Read

This is a book that you have added to your Books You've Read list.