Featured Author: N.D. Wilson

N.D. Wilson has written three of our favorite intertwined series (and some books for adults as well!). He holds a well articulated belief that children need books that scare them. He shared some of his philosophy in the article, Why I Write Scary Stories for Children. "Every one will have struggles and ultimately, every one will face death and loss... The stories on which their imaginations feed should empower a courage and bravery stronger than whatever they are facing." Read More

Previously Featured Authors

September 2019
Jonathan Rogers
Jonathan Rogers is one of our favorite living authors. He calls his fiction “fantasy adventure stories told in an American accent” and many say they hear echoes of both Mark Twain and J.R.R. Tolkien in the reading of his stories. His non-fiction writings also deserve praise and we personally know people who believe they never would have been able to read Flannery O’Connor for themselves had they not first met her in his biographical book The Terrible Speed of Mercy: A Spiritual Biography of Flannery O’Connor. Be sure to read the comical bio of Professor Rogers written by his nemesis, John Barber. Read More

August 2019
May McNeer
May McNeer (May Yonge McNeer Ward) was a 20th Century American journalist and author. After getting the early start of being first published at age eleven, May went on to write the 35 books we have listed in the database, many of which were illustrated by her gifted husband, Lynd Ward. In 1975 the deserving duo were recognized by the Catholic Library Association for "continued, distinguished contribution to children's literature without regard to the nature of the contribution" and awarded a prestigious literary award: the Regina Medal. Reshelving Alexandria may not give out literary awards (yet!), but we do recognize May McNeer as our Author of the Month for August! Read More

July 2019
Robert Lawson
If you are a fan of Arthur Rackham's illustrations then you probably already noticed what a great influence he was on the style of Robert Lawson. Robert Lawson was both a delightful author and a magical illustrator. His illustrations in The Story of Ferdinand have delighted generations and continue to create fans of his works today. As shared on the dust jacket of Pilgrim's Progress: "Children love Robert Lawson's drawings and this artist's most highly prized compliment on his work is the dictum of a small boy of 8, overheard to a children's librarian at a large exhibit of original drawings: 'I like his best. He draws them up neat and you can see what they mean.'" Read More

June 2019
Robert McCloskey
Robert McCloskey (1914 - 2003) was an American author and illustrator of great renown. His works are some of the most beloved and timeless books to grace children's literature. Two of his books, Make Way for Ducklings and Time of Wonder, were awarded the Caldecott Medal. Additionally, Blueberries for Sal, One Morning in Maine and Journey Cake, Ho! (written by acclaimed children's author and his mother-in-law, Ruth Sawyer) were awarded Caldecott Honors. Don't mistakenly think he only wrote picture books for the littles! His Homer Price is an absolute delight of a chapter book and a huge hit among both boys and girls! If you haven't yet welcomed him into your home, now is an excellent time to do so! His illustrations are warm and welcoming, his stories delightful. This is one author that every child should have an opportunity to experience. Read More

May 2019
John Hendrix
John Hendrix is an author/illustrator in a class all his own. He often incorporates a uniquely stunning typography in both the text and illustrations of his books. You will find yourself lingering on the page, hesitant to turn it for fear you may have missed one of the many details. The About page on his website is literally filled with a list of awards both his books and illustrations have won. We truly believe this is only the beginning of what John will bring to the table in the realm of glorious children's books and stories that will grip the hearts and imaginations of entire families. Read More

April 2019
Genevieve Foster
Genevieve Foster (1893-1979) is best known for her parallel tellings of history in her World Books series. Due to her personal experience reading history books as a child, which left her confused and frustrated, she was inspired to show what was happening all over the world simultaneously and became a trend setter in this style. Using her skills as an artist she contributed her own illustrations and maps to all her works making them both delightful and easily recognizable. Read More

March 2019
Minfong Ho
Minfong Ho was born in Burma and grew up in Thailand. In 1980, during the massive influx of refugees from Cambodia, she became a relief worker in the refugee camps on the Thai-Cambodian border. A writer in St. James Guide to Young Adult Writers explained that Ho "creates a world of great beauty and gentleness, with loving family relationships and ancient customs. But she also creates a world of poverty, drought, dreadful injustice, starvation, and death. Her protagonists are set between these two visions, but in that situation they discover their pride, integrity, and determination to love the land and overcome injustice." Read More

February 2019
Jane Austen
Jane Austen was from her earliest years immersed in a family culture that prized the written word. With a minimum of formal schooling, the majority of her education took place through her encounter with literature. While Austen herself never married, she remained a keen observer of the dance at play in the bringing about of these unions, ever aware of the social, economic, familial, and personal weights that hang in the balance, and making a good match and a good marriage is a at the forefront of each of her novels. Because of this, her books provide a timeless window into the complexities of choosing a life’s companion, and the ways in which a person’s character, formed over a lifetime of habits and choices, both large and seemingly insignificant, plays just as important a role in their fate as does their status in society. Her characters are as engaging, contradictory, delightful, repulsive, and endearing as any we will encounter in our daily lives. Read More

January 2019
Helena Sorensen
Helena Sorensen (Aman) believes in the transformative power of words and stories, and in the power of the voices that speak them. Before she became a mom, she studied music, taught English, and dabbled in poetry and songwriting. These days, when she's not playing "royal ball" or "royal feast" with her daughter or doing science experiments with her son, she's hiking with friends at Radnor Lake or talking books with her husband. Of course, she might be at her kitchen table writing fantasy novels. Read More

December 2018
S.D. Smith
S.D. Smith is a vanguard of beauty in modern children's fantasy. This West Virginian author writes new books with old souls. His stories of courage, valor, family, friendship, and honor reveal someone who truly loves children and battles alongside parents for the right development of their moral imaginations. It is a pleasure to support him and his writings. Together we "Bear the flame!" Read More

November 2018
Richard Halliburton
Most men live quiet lives and leave no record while others live a life of fantastical exploits one would expect to only read about in a fictitious story. Luckily for us, Richard Halliburton lived the latter and recorded some of his extraordinary adventures and experiences in a series of books. Read More

October 2018
Jennifer Trafton
Jennifer Trafton has the ability to write for the whole family and attack the big issues of loss, separation, and not feeling good enough with humor and grace. Her two books (so far!) make excellent read alouds and her art is a cheerful addition to any home. Read More

September 2018
Ralph Moody
Ralph Moody's life was marked by the hard work necessary to both survive and provide. As the primary breadwinner for his mother and siblings after his father's untimely passing, and then for the family he and his wife created together, he didn't have the opportunity to pursue a writing career until he was fifty. He quickly made up for lost time! Read More

August 2018
Elizabeth George Speare
"Garnering prizes and critical acclaim from the outset, Speare's work represents some of the finest historical fiction written for children and young adults. Her novels are particularly noted for the depth of their characters, authentic New England settings, intriguing plots, and accurate historical details." Read More

July 2018
Opal Wheeler
Opal Wheeler grew up with an affinity and love for music. As a child, she would play the piano by ear and wrote her own compositions. Later, she began to write biographies of composers for children. Read More

June 2018
Kate Seredy
Kate Seredy (Pronounced SHAIR a dee) wrote beautiful, heartwarming stories that leave the reader with a deep sense of hope. Her illustrations are simply stunning and add depth and vitality to her story-telling. Read More

May 2018
Douglas Kaine McKelvey
Douglas McKelvey is a modern day David—minus the affairs and murdering parts. He is a poet and songwriter whose words soak into your soul and make you cry—good, healing, it will be well with my soul type of crying. Read More

April 2018
Iris Noble
Writing and traveling fascinated Iris Noble. “In what other profession,” she says, “could I carry my office with me? Typewriter in hand, suitcase stuffed with reams of paper, I can be off to work and yet at the same time visit all the exciting places in the world.” Read More

March 2018
Andrew Peterson
“The common thread in all this,” he says, “is my love for Christ and his Kingdom, my belief in the power of story and art, and my need for family and community. If I had to boil it all down, I'd say this: I want to use my gifts to tell the truth, and to tell it as beautifully as I can.” Read More

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