Overcoming Our Fear of Missing the Treasure by Sharing the Map: Part Two
Guest post by Johanna Bittle | March 01, 2019
Johanna shares many budget-friendly strategies for building your home library of living books. Several of these highlight ways you can put Reshelving Alexandria’s membership to work for you.

At Home with Author S.D. Smith
by Ambre Sautter | January 26, 2019
This month we were fortunate enough to be able to talk with Gina Smith, the lovely wife and partner of author S.D. Smith. As running a family business involves more than just "the Author" we thought it would be fun to take a look, from a new angle, at the clan that brings us The Green Ember. Enjoy!

An Interview with Author Jennifer Trafton
Guest post by Laure Hittle | December 27, 2018
Our good friend, Laure Hittle, had the chance to interview the "ever delightful magical unicorn" that is Jennifer Trafton. Jennifer is the author of The Rise and Fall of Mount Majestic and Henry and the Chalk Dragon as well as an artist and teacher. Her popular writing classes for children fill quickly and always receive rave reviews. Now, let's lean in and learn more about this Reshelving Alexandria recommended Top Living Author!

Overcoming Our Fear of Missing the Treasure by Sharing the Map: Part One
Guest post by Johanna Bittle | November 01, 2018
We have seen what happens when Reshelving Alexandria, A Delectable Education, or Circe shares a good book or series with us and suddenly prices skyrocket as every available copy is snatched up online. A little-known book that could be found for a few dollars just hours before is now available for no less than the cost of a month’s groceries for a family of eight, if it can be found at all. Why then is it a good idea for Reshelving Alexandria and these other apologists for living books to continue to share their finds with the world, knowing that prices may rise when they do?

But I’m not Catholic! (or Jewish, or Mormon, or…)
Guest post by Johanna Bittle | October 01, 2018
One of the best ways to discover these pilgrim stories is through books that feature their faith prominently, acknowledging it as a real and driving “why” behind both their devotion to our country and their many contributions to exploration, discovery, medicine, education, innovation, settlement, and statesmanship. I can open my children’s eyes to the lives of many of the Catholics who are an integral part of the fabric of our country, men and women whose names and contributions are either missing from the Landmark and Signature series, or whose stories are told there, but in an incomplete way, without the illuminating context of their faith.

Thrift Store Shopping Without Leaving Your House
Guest post by Deanna Knoll | August 30, 2018
Do you live in a book desert with no used book stores or thrift shops to browse? Or maybe you have several small children and desperately want to stock your library with beautiful living books but the idea of toting them through Goodwill seems too daunting to be worth the possible benefit. Here are several ways you can be equally successful shopping online as you might have been if you stumbled across a Goodwill Outlet!

Introduce your Family to Shakespeare with Retellings
Guest post by Deanna Knoll | May 01, 2018
It is the rare reader who is able to decipher any Shakespeare play on the first reading. It can be very helpful to gain a better understanding of the plot’s twists and turns by reading a retelling of the play before attempting to read the actual play itself. Each author reviewed in this article retells Shakespeare’s plays in a different style and chooses to highlight and interpret his words in different ways.

How to Choose Books that are Right for Your Family
Guest post by Deanna Knoll | April 09, 2018
It's an exciting time—you've discovered living books, along with Reshelving Alexandria, and you want to stock your home library with these wonderful treasures. So how do you decide which books are worth purchasing, especially when you have a book in hand at a bookstore or a library sale? How do you begin to determine if that book is right for your family and your library?

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