About Reshelving Alexandria

The Library of Alexandria is arguably one of the most well-known libraries of antiquity. Created amidst a burgeoning hunger for knowledge, the Ptolemists went to great lengths to acquire and equip the library with the greatest books available in the known world. The destruction of the Library was an unimaginable loss for all mankind.

At the time of the Library's creation, they were seeking the knowledge of many cultures, and as much of the written word as possible. Today, our challenge is quite the opposite—we are drowning in so much of the printed word, that it is difficult to sift through the information and find the gems that are worthy of our bookshelves.

Reshelving Alexandria is a project designed to assist families in navigating the challenges of creating their own personal "Library of Alexandria" for their homes. Our goal is to diligently seek, discover, and share books that are true, honest, lovely, virtuous and of good report. In essence, we hope to become curators of the best books and resources the world has to offer—both ancient and modern. Our desire is to help each family build a legacy library that is unique to them and their journey. A gift now and for future generations.

Who's Reshelving Alexandria

Tanya Lofthouse Arnold grew up loving books, and has made it a priority to inspire that same culture in her own home. She loves collecting books, reading books, book discussions, and discovering new book treasures. She often ponders on the joy that has come from "traveling in the realms of gold."

Ambre Sautter is a wife, mother, sister, friend, reader. She was homeschooled herself and is currently homeschooling her kiddos in the Midwest with her husband, Erik. She learned to collect (hoard) books at a young age from her Dad. Being the delusional person that she is, she was shocked to discover what she assumed was her 750 book personal library was, in fact, closer to 8,000 volumes.

Sarah Kim lives in Northern California with her husband, 8 year-old son, and Mr Darcy (their distinguished black lab). Reading aloud to her story loving son is one of her favorite things to do. She loves re-reading childhood favorites and discovering new books.


Jennifer is a mother of 6, grandmother of 2, and enjoys reading, hanging out with bookish friends on Facebook, and Book Fairying. Not only is she one of the most kind and generous people we know, but she is also the owner of one of the largest and most lovely home libraries that we are aware of. She has granted us full access to her library, and that has been an immeasurable resource!

Lara McConnell Lleverino’s (La Rah Yea ver Reno) friends have been know to call her “the book whisper” because of her luck in finding rare books. She recently moved with her husband, three kids, cat, dog and library of over 4,000 books from north Texas to south Florida. Even the terrifying experience of driving two large moving trucks across the US won’t convince her to go digital!

Liv lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and four daughters, whom she is homeschooling. She is passionate about used book sales, Korean dramas, and surrounding her family with truth, goodness and beauty.

Murray is Sarah's father. He worked as a graphic artist and designer/art director for 40 years. He painted the Reshelving Alexandria logo and artwork. You can view more of his artwork at murraybreen.com.

Our Story

Ambre, Sarah and I all met over the course of 2017 through what we feel was divine intervention. Ambre and I met first through a shared group that we both participated in on Facebook. After getting to know each other online, we decided to use Voxer to communicate with each other in a more personal way. We quickly realized that we had an opportunity to work together to create something amazing, and our dream and vision started to take form.

After a few months of dreaming and preparing, we decided to create a Facebook group where we could share lists, info and resources concerning books, series, authors, illustrators and publishers that we felt to be worthy of shelf space in our homes. However, we needed a name. There is power in a name, and I knew that we couldn’t start without the perfect one. Unbeknownst to me, Ambre’s husband, Erik, had come up with the name “Reshelving Alexandria” (paying homage to the great Library of Alexandria) sometime before we met. Ambre loved the name and had been patiently waiting for the true purpose of the name to reveal itself. When she shared it with me, I knew in that moment that this project was going to take flight.

We invited a handful of like-minded friends to join us in our newly formed FB group, and it grew into a very lovely and thriving community. Sarah was one of the first people to join. About two months later, after watching and connecting with her in our group, we took a leap of faith and invited her to participate with us in this project. We knew from the beginning that she was meant to be an integral part of our team, and so we shared with her our vision. She loved the idea, and had much to offer to make the dream a reality.

It is important to note that we are very different women. We each come from different educational, religious and social backgrounds. We live in three different time zones, each in very unique parts of the country. However, we found that we each share a passion for excellent literature, engaging writing, and library building. We envisioned creating a place where people could come to easily search for the most lovely, good, true and beautiful books that the world had to offer—to both individuals as well as families.

We hope to share this information widely—we know that all parents, whether they homeschool, un-school, private school, or public school, want to have wholesome, quality and engaging books for both their children and for themselves to read. We are acutely aware that the challenge of our day is the fact that we live in a world where we are drowning in too much information. For the first time in history it is not lack of information that holds us back, but rather an abundance of it. We must find ways to sift through it all in order to find the pieces that are the best and most worthy of our time and energy.

We believe that together we can bring these books to light, and in essence, put into the hands of an entirely new generation books and stories that will help guide and inspire them to create a better future and to assist them in fulfilling their own divine purpose and mission. We also believe that we can inspire parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and all members of our community to be reading books that stir and warm their own hearts. We truly believe that the world can be changed one person at a time, nurturing one child at a time, by imparting to that child the greatest, truest, and most beautiful thoughts, ideas and literature the world has ever known.

The creation of this website is the next step in the fulfillment of that dream, and yet it is also just the beginning. We invite you to join with us in creating a movement that will support all individuals, as well as families, in creating legacy libraries for their own homes.

Tanya Arnold
1 March, 2018