“Books are the treasured wealth of the world and the fit inheritance of generations and nations.”—Henry David Thoreau

Reshelving Alexandria

The Library of Alexandria is arguably one of the most well-known libraries of antiquity. Created amidst a burgeoning hunger for knowledge, the Ptolemists went to great lengths to acquire and equip the library with the greatest books available in the known world. The destruction of the Library was an unimaginable loss for all mankind.

At the time of the Library's creation, they were seeking the knowledge of many cultures, and as much of the written word as possible. Today, our challenge is quite the opposite—we are drowning in so much of the printed word, that it is difficult to sift through the information and find the gems that are worthy of our bookshelves.

Reshelving Alexandria is a project designed to assist families in navigating the challenges of creating their own personal "Library of Alexandria" for their homes. Our goal is to diligently seek, discover, and share books that are true, honest, lovely, virtuous and of good report. In essence, we hope to become curators of the best books and resources the world has to offer—both ancient and modern. Our desire is to help each family build a legacy library that is unique to them and their journey. A gift now and for future generations.

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Featured Author: Andrew Peterson

Andrew Peterson is a dashing and dangerous personage, blatting about country roads on his flaming zebra steed. If it wasn’t for his laughter, his delighted nerdery, and his love of community, he would be terrifying.

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